September 24, 2016

Above the Snowline

The first major solo exhibition by Dales artist Brian Alderman will open on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, in the main restaurant of the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes.

The exhibition features many new oils showing the dales under a thick blanket of snow and ice.

'Footsteps in the snow'  (36x24 inches, £750) SOLD

 'Road to Semerwater'  (12x16 inches, £395)  SOLD

'Across Wensleydale'  (10x14 inches, £295)

 'Burtersett deep snow'  (12x16 inches, £395)

'East from Burtersett'  (7x5 inches, £240)

 'Snowstorm approaching'  (36x24 inches, £595)

'Early spring Raydale'  (36x24 inches, £595)

'Hawes mid-January'  (36x24 inches, £750)

 'Road closed'  (12x16 inches, £395)

'Sub-zero above Gayle'  (8x6 inches, £240)

'Early morning Semerwater'  (20x16 inches, £425)

'Sunlit waters'   (20x16 inches, £425)

'Cotterdale and Buttertubs'  (14x10 inches, £295)

'Sunset above Hawes' (36x24 inches, £650)

'First Snowfall'  (14x10 inches, £240)

This exhibition, nearly a year in the making, runs for sixteen weeks and is well worth a visit!

(All the paintings are bespoke framed and can be purchased at the Creamery Visitors Centre. Note that the sizes given with each painting are in inches, and exclude the frame. Images © Brian Alderman)

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